Review & Photos: RICK BREWSTER'S ANGELS featuring DAVE GLEESON 30.6.11

Rick Brewster’s Angels at The Annandale Hotel 30 June 2011

With the various members of the legendary iconic Australian band The Angels taking time off to pursue other projects, it was recently announced that the Brewster Brothers & Chris Bailey had teamed up with Dave Gleeson of the Screaming Jets after Gleeson joined them impromptu at a gig in South Australia.  An interesting collaboration indeed.


In the car on the way to the venue, the discussion was around the music and what would it sound like, would there be a clash of egos, would die hard Angels fans turn up to see the show, how would they react etc. We need not have worried as the Annandale was packed and pumped to see the show.

I hadn’t realized Black Label were the support act so it was a pleasant surprise to see these guys on stage again.  They never disappoint with their good, hard hitting, no bull rock’n’roll and they had the crowd suitably warmed up for the headliners.

So, what do you get when you cross the power of a Screaming Jet with the sound of Angels?  You get a show that can blow the roof off any venue! 

Filled with anticipation, the crowd burst into cheers when the main act hit the stage and continued to show their support throughout the evening.

The band played a mixture of old classics that we all know and love, such as  After the Rain, Mr Damage, Long Line, Coming Down and then threw in some of the lesser known songs that are not normally played live such as Ivory Stairs and Small Price.

In addition, some new songs from their new upcoming EP release were played for the first time live such as Wounded Healer and Waiting for the Sun. These great new songs have that typical Angels sound about them and the punters liked what they heard.

It would be unfair to do a Neeson v Gleeson comparison as both are brilliant showmen, with their own special character and charisma that they bring to each performance.   For this reason, it was a good thing that Gleeson did not try to be a Doc Neeson clone and remained his usual boisterous self up on stage, giving it all he had in each song.  At times he seemed to be in awe of those he was performing with.  The only thing that held Gleeson back was the size of the stage, which was tiny compared to venues we’re used to seeing them perform in.

All the lads were in fine form and the Brewster boys looked particularly excited to have Gleeson up there with them, so much so I think I actually saw Rick smile!

Being gig number one, there were some minor mishaps with the songs but this is to be expected for a new outfit and no one seemed to notice or really care for that matter, the boys certainly didn’t!

The 90 minute set finished with a three song encore which concluded with a blazing rendition of Shadow Boxer that left the crowd on a high and begging for more.

If this first gig is any guide to their future success then Rick Brewster’s Angels featuring Dave Gleeson seem assured of many more gigs around Australia. I hope to see them again on a bigger stage one day soon.



Paul Bartle



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Comment by Rock Club 40 on July 14, 2011 at 12:05am
Good on you, Jason!  Thanks for your review and the shots.  It's always great to get someone else's take on things.
Comment by Jason E on July 13, 2011 at 3:32pm

What an awesome show that Dave & Brewster boys performed at The Annandale. All the old Angels driving rhythms and searing leads were present....all enhanced by the manic performance of the Screaming Jets frontman. Dave was in absolute best form and belted out the tunes like he had been doing them for years. I hear that Dave has always been an Angels fan and has performed their songs in other bands for years, so I am guessing that he probably enjoyed this performance as much as the bustling crowd and it showed!!. I am really looking forward to hearing a studio release from these guys and of course more live shows....I, for one, will be there as this is an experience definitely worth repeating. I took a few shots during the show which I will post below, whilst not being anywhere as great as those posted by RockClub40 I thought I would share them anyway.






Comment by Benjamin Daniels on July 2, 2011 at 2:45am
Great night, hope they do some more shows.

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