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A long time ago, a long way from anywhere, in a West Australian mining town called Kalgoorlie, the legend of Kevin Bloody Wilson was born. It all started innocently enough - just a guy with too much time on his hands changing the words to other people’s songs, and writing a few of his own, purely for the fun of it.

Kev was an electrician for a while, a music teacher for a while, and he even sold whitegoods for a while. But the whole time Kev was doing these jobs he’d find himself walking around humming whatever melody was in his head at that moment. If that melody didn’t already go with some very wrong lyrics, Kev would simply go ahead and invent some.

After a year or so of performing these songs to three miners and a dog in the pubs in and around Kalgoorlie, some of Kev’s mates suggested that he make a recording of his dirty ditties so they could take them away and play them to the rest of their mates.

Next thing you know Kev went and roped his wife Betty and his young kids Travis and TJ into helping him prepare his first batch of Kevin Bloody Wilson cassettes. Kev would pay the kids ten lousy bloody cents for every cassette they labelled up (the kids went along with this quite happily until Betty pointed out that they’d probably make more money as slave labourers making running shoes in Manilla) and when Kev sold 87 of his initial batch of 100 cassettes within a week, he realised he was onto something and decided to take his show on the road. (To the best of my knowledge his kids, now both successful grown-ups in their own individual rights, never did have the presence of mind to sue the old man for the whole ten-cents-a-cassette thing-x80xA6)

Twenty years, countless live gigs and millions of album sales down the track, Kevin Bloody Wilson has not only found his niche, he’s grabbed an esky and a deckchair and he’s made himself really bloody comfortable in it!

Kev’s songs match the Kalgoorlie landscape, dry and unforgiving. These songs are uniquely Australian, and yet year after year, album after album, tour after tour, people from all corners of the globe keep laughing their guts out at Kevin Bloody Wilson’s completely authentic and original body of work.

Kev spends the vast majority of each year touring Australia and the rest of the world. In the last year Kev has extensively toured New South Wales, Victoria, New Zealand, and The UK, as well as doing a few special shows in his home state of Western Australia. Kev loves being on the road, and his uniquely Australian humour seems to translate faultlessly wherever he roams. (It seems a song about your Grandfathers hard-on can be funny in any language!)

Kev loves the rhythm of the road: The driving, the new and interesting places and people, and the great song ideas that often come from moments that happen while Kev is on tour. Kev’s favourite travelling companion is his wife Betty, who you may also spot behind the merchandise counter at some of Kev’s shows.

There’s hardly a place on earth Kev hasn’t done a gig in at some stage, so have a good gawk at Kev’s tour calendar, -cos chances are Kev will be playing one of his legendary shows near you sometime soon.

Kevin Bloody Wilson will be releasing his biography entitled "DILLIGAF: THE LIFE AND RHYMES OF KEVIN BLOODY WILSON" released through Allen & Unwin Publishers. Its a raucous, earthy, in depth look at one of the only Australian Comedians never to have bowed to the pressures of political correctness.


Lock up your daughters and leave your sense of political correctness at the door! The man Billy Connolly calls “The World’s Funniest Australian”, is heading back into town for the first time in a long time with his brand new "EXCESS ALL AREAS" tour. Kevin Bloody Wilson's guest appearance on ABC-TV's "Andrew Denton's Enough Rope" this month proved highly successful - and Wilson, who normally shrugs television appearances, was happy to comply with Denton's request for an interview. Wilson said that Denton's approach had credibility over commercial TV, who generally want him to adhere to their agenda. "I like Andrew, he got balls. And he's a mate, in a dorky-nerdy-yuppy sort of way........", noted Kevin Bloody Wilson.

For over twenty years Kevin Bloody Wilson has been responsible for making more people piss themselves laughing, and Kev’s headed back to town armed with some great new songs and of course the old classics that have made him the comedy legend that he is.

Kev’s been a busy boy lately, writing lots of new songs and hanging out at home, where he has been updating his Myspace and Facebook pages and recording exclusive behind the scenes videos for his fans and posting them at

The internet has transformed the way artists like Kevin Bloody Wilson can communicate with their audience, and Kev has always kept up with the changes in technology because he loves finding new ways of keeping in touch with his fans. (That, and the fact that he absolutely loves choking his chicken to net porn...) But if you want to experience the real deal, step away from your computer and head out on the town for one of the funniest nights out of your life, and experience Kevin Bloody Wilson live on his "EXCESS ALL AREAS" Tour.

Tuesday 19th July, 2011
Dapto Leagues Club
(Bookings: 02 4261 1333)
Wednesday 20th July, 2011
Woonoona Bulli RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 4284 1577)
Thursday 21st July, 2011
Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club
(Bookings: 02 9523 0222)
Friday 22nd July, 2011
Parramatta RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 9633 5177)
Saturday 23rd July, 2011
Blacktown RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 9622 5222)
Sunday 24th July, 2011
Richmond Club
(Bookings: 02 4578 1144)
Wednesday 27th July, 2011
Davistown RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 4363 0199)
Thursday 28th July, 2011
North Bondi RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 9130 3152)
Friday 29th July, 2011
Campbelltown RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 4625 1408)
Saturday 30th July, 2011
North Sydney Leagues Club
(Bookings: 02 9245 3000)
Tuesday 2nd August, 2011
Mittagong RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 4872 6700)
Wednesday 3rd August, 2011
Souths Juniors Club, Kensington
(Bookings: 02 9349 7555)
Thursday 4th August, 2011
Bankstown Sports Club
(Bookings: 02 9722 9888)
Friday 5th August, 2011
Rooty Hill RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 9625 5500)
Saturday 6th August, 2011
EVAN Theatre Penrith Panthers
(Bookings: 02 4720 5555)
Tuesday 9th August, 2011
Hexham Bowling Club
(Bookings: 02 4964 8079)
Wednesday 10th August, 2011
Cardiff Panthers Club
(Bookings: 02 4979 1900)
Thursday 11th August, 2011
Cessnock Supporters Club
(Bookings: 02 4993 2655)
Friday 12th August, 2011
Hornsby RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 9477 7777)
Saturday 13th August, 2011
Mounties - Mount Pritchard Community Club
(Bookings: 02 9822 3555)
Friday 19th August, 2011
Castle Hill RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 8858 4800)
Saturday 20th August, 2011
Doyalson-Wyee RSL Club
(Bookings: 02 4390 0622)

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