British pop group SMOKIE get set to embark on National Tour!

Internationally successful British pop group Smokie return to Australia for their 2013 national tour. Best known for their chart-topping hits like Living Next Door to Alice, Lay Back in the Arms of Someone and If You Think You Know How to Love Me, Smokie last toured Australia in 2010 to sell out audiences.


While some rock bands flicker brightly then fade away, some stay the distance and keep on making music, like Smokie. The band regularly tours the UK and Europe, and is still considered one of the most popular bands in the world today with accumulated world record sales of over 30 million since getting together in the mid 1960’s.


One could be forgiven for thinking Smoke’s success story was a 1970s phenomenon as 11 of their 14 British hits came from that decade. However, the band has had extraordinary success - they are still touring countries like Scandinavia, South Africa, Germany, Australia and even China, 40 years on.  Smokie is a band which has enjoyed sold-out tours and gained platinum records over four decades – the 70s, 80s, and 90s, right through to the present day.


Bassist Terry Utley says it is the band’s unwavering commitment to touring which has been the cornerstone of their lengthy career.  “We’re very busy – we’re doing around 100 concerts every year,” he confirms. As the only original band member in the current line up, Terry has witnessed the changing landscape of the music industry more than his fellow band mates.  He remains upbeat about Smokie’s place in the years to come. “Trends are always changing but fortunately the songs we have stood out and they’re still being played on the radio today. We’re one of the lucky ones – we just love what we do; retirement is not in our plans.”


Lead singer Mike Craft is really looking forward to this Australian tour.  “The first time we came to Australia, I really wasn’t looking forward to it because we were going to be away for a month, and being away from home is pretty tough on anyone, so the first week I’m thinking - yeah, this is okay - the second week I’m thinking - I quite like this - and after the third week I started to look at properties!  I’m thinking - I could easily live here, I love this place!  Every visit after that we so look forward to, and all of the band, all of the technical crew, we all look forward to coming down to Oz.”


Mike and the band love performing and feel incredibly lucky to have a career where they get to travel and perform all over the world. “We love what we do. Anyone who is able to play music for a living will tell you what keeps us going is basically, the love of what we do. We’re so lucky. What makes it interesting for us is, even though we play the same songs pretty much every night and throughout the year, every audience is different, and every country and every venue is different.  That keeps it interesting for us.  We give a gift every day, we make people smile, it’s a great thing to be able to do. We often start off quiet, but by the end of the night the place is JUMPING!”


Smokie first got together at school in West Yorkshire in the late 60s. Songs like If You Think You Know How To Love Me, Don’t Play Your Rock’n’Roll To Me, It’s Your Life and Oh Carol became radio staples and gave Smokie their ticket to travel the world.


Perhaps the band’s most famous song is Living Next Door To Alice. When asked if there was actually a girl called Alice, Mike quips, “No there wasn’t an Alice as such. The story is just a set of circumstances between a boy and a girl. We’ve all watched our first love go off and get married to someone else. Everybody asks about Alice but nobody asks what happened to Sally!  She gets together with the guy next door, who was in fact, in love with Alice. I don’t know how long that lasted.  With the track on the album called Sally Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – the guy missed out twice. He missed out on Alice AND Sally!” 


The national tour for Smokie starts in WA on October 31. They travel through regional venues in WA, then Qld, NSW, Vic and Tasmania right through the month of November.




Thursday 31 October, 7.30pm - Albany Entertainment Centre

- or 1300 795 012


Friday 1 November, 8pm - Bunbury Entertainment Centre or 1300 661 272


Saturday 2 November, 7.30pm - Boardwalk Theatre, Mandurah or (08) 9550 3900


Monday 4 November, 7.30pm - Regal Theatre, Perth or 132 849


Tuesday 5 November, 7.30pm - Queens Park Theatre, Geraldton or (08) 9956 6662


Friday 8 November, 7.30pm - Civic Centre, Cairns or 1300 855 835


Saturday 9 November, 7.30pm - Entertainment Centre, Mackay or (07) 4961 9777


Sunday 10 November, 7.30pm - Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton or (07) 4927 4111


Tuesday 12 November, 7.30pm - Brolga Theatre, Maryborough or (07) 4122 6060


Thursday 14 November, 8pm - Empire Theatre, Toowoomba or 1300 655 299


Friday 15 November, 8pm - QPAC, Brisbane or 136 246


Saturday 16 November, 7.30pm - Regional Entertainment Centre, Tamworth

- or (02) 6767 5300


Tuesday 19 November, 7.30pm - Civic Theatre, Newcastle

- or 132 849


Thursday 21 November, 7.30pm - Enmore Theatre, Sydney

- or 132 849


Saturday 23 November, 7.30pm - Entertainment Centre, Albury

- or (02) 6043 5610


Sunday 24 November, 7.30pm - Bendigo Stadium or (03) 5440 6214


Tuesday 26 November, 7.30pm - Princess Theatre, Launceston

- or (03) 6323 3666


Wednesday 27 November, 7.30pm - Wrestpoint, Hobart

- or 1300 795 257


Friday 29 November, 7.30pm - Her Majestys Theatre, Adelaide

- or 131 246


Saturday 30 November, 7.30pm - Geelong Performing Arts Centre

- or (03) 5225 1200


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