ARIA #1 Chart Awards news - DELTA GOODREM & GUY SEBASTIAN - artists of the decade!

ARIA #1 Chart Awards are a family affair!

ARIA celebrates Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian as Artists of the Decade!

14 Australian Artists recognised at a star studded ceremony at the Sydney Opera House

Today at the Sydney Opera House, 14 of Australia’s most loved artists were recognised for their chart topping success at the eighth annual ARIA #1 Chart Awards.

The Australian music community, industry partners, media and retail gathered to toast the success of those artists who notched up a No. 1 single, album or music DVD, during the period 1 May, 2009, to 19 July, 2010.

ARIA also took the opportunity to present two very special Awards today to Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian who had the highest selling Album and Single respectively for the decade from 2000 to 2009 with Guy Sebastian’s 2003 smash, Angels Brought Me Here, being the top ranking single for the 2000’s and Delta Goodrem’s 14 times platinum debut album, Innocent Eyes, also released in 2003, took out top spot on the ARIA’s End Of Decade Top 100 Singles and Album Charts.

Hosted by Dylan Lewis from Video Hits and Nova 100, the event featured keynote speeches from the Chairman of the ARIA Chart & Marketing Committee, Mr John Parker, and Chairman of ARIA, Mr. Ed St John.

ARIA Chairman, Ed St John, said "There are many measures of success in our industry - great reviews, sold-out shows, multiple hits on YouTube or MySpace. But there is still one measure that outshines all others, and that's the act of climbing to the very top of the sales charts. Nothing else signals popularity like a Number One and it's so exciting to see so many local artists ascending to these heady heights over the past year."

The 14 Australian artists receiving ARIA #1 Chart Awards today (in chronological order) were:

David Campbell: Good Lovin’ Live - DVD (SME)
Released: 24 April, 2009 | No. 1: 4 May, 2009 – 1 week

David Campbell is one of Australia’s most popular entertainers and a multi-platinum selling recording artist who has featured on TV, starred in theatre and cabaret, recorded four Top 10 ARIA albums, sold out five concert tours from coast to coast and is the Artistic Director for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

On receiving his first ARIA #1 Chart Award today, David said “What a great thrill - I can't believe I've actually got one of these, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a mistake and you're gonna take it off me!”

Eskimo Joe: Inshalla - Album (Warner)
Released: 29 May, 2009 | No. 1: 8 June, 2009 – 1 week

Today’s ARIA #1 Chart Award makes it 2nd in a row for West Australia’s Eskimo Joe (2008’s Black Fingernails, Red Wine having received an ARIA #1 Chart Award in 2006). Inshalla is Eskimo Joe’s 4th Studio Album and featured the hit single, Foreign Land, which was the most played Australian song on Radio in 2009. The platinum accredited album went on to stay in the Top 100 for 23 weeks.

On receiving their 2nd ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Stuart MacLeod from “The Eskies” said “"Having a number one album is a pretty amazing feeling. Growing up listening to Australian music, that world always seemed so far away from where I was. Little did I know that 15 years later I'd be right in the middle. And for a couple of weeks out of the last few years, on the top, even. Writing, recording and performing music with great friends is an incredible way to live my life, and when you get rewarded with a number one album, it's just makes everything taste even sweeter".

Hilltop Hoods: State of the Art - Album (UMA)
Released: 12 June, 2009 | No. 1: 22 and 29 June, 2009 – 2 weeks

Australia’s premier hip hop outfit stepped up to the plate for 2009’s instant classic, State Of The Art, their first to be released on their own label Golden Era in partnership with Universal Music. Led by the singles Chase That Feeling and Still Standing, the album went on to sell platinum and is still going strong! Hilltop Hoods are not only Australia’s most successful hip hop act, they are one of our biggest domestic artists, period.

On receiving their 2nd career ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Hilltop Hoods said “"We were amazed when 'State of the Art' debuted at number one. Not only was it great for us we really felt like it was a positive thing for Hip Hop in this country. We're grateful for all the good luck we've had and appreciate the hard work of all the talented and passionate people around us."

Short Stack: Stack Is The New Black - Album (UMA)
Released: 14 August, 2009 | No. 1: 24 August, 2009 – 1 week

In 2009, the three-piece from New South Wales’ Central Coast accomplished what no other Australian music act had successfully achieved – using the combined powers of SMS, YouTube and MySpace to amass a following that’s growing by the second. The boys from Budgewoi also held the enviable title of Australia’s biggest band on YouTube with over 2.5 million views of the Short Stack TV series and video clips and they’ve racked up over four million plays on MySpace alone.

On receiving their first ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Short Stack said “The fact that our album went No. 1 is essentially an overwhelming testament to how loyal and dedicated our fans are, especially on our debut. We've been a band for almost 6 years now, touring the country playing to as many people as we could, and when we found out the news our album went No. 1, as well as going gold, it was by far the biggest achievement in our short careers. To know that people believe in what we’re doing and establish a connection with our music and our message is the reason we exist.”

Jimmy Barnes: The Rhythm & The Blues - Album (UMA)
Released: 28 August, 2009 | No. 1: 7 and 14 September, 2009 – 2 weeks

Legendary rocker Jimmy Barnes hasn’t wasted much time since the release of his 2009 Platinum selling The Rhythm & The Blues, ripping off the suit to deliver his most powerful rock single in years: Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead. Jimmy’s new album, Rage and Ruin, is slated for a 27 August release, and contains 12 new songs, co-written by Jimmy, which sees a return to career best form.

On receiving his ninth ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Jimmy said “After making records for over 30 years, it's great that the public are still interested in my music. I'm thrilled that the album did well in the charts and am speechless that it went to Number 1. Good on you, ARIA. Can we stick around for another 30 years?”

Guy Sebastian: Like It Like That - Single (SME)
Released: 8 August, 2009 | No. 1: 7 and 14 September, 2009 – 2 weeks

Guy Sebastian has released 4 multi-platinum selling albums and toured the country to sold-out venues multiple times. Guy’s fifth studio album, Like It Like That, has reached Platinum sales and has produced the singles Like It Like That, Art Of Love feat Jordin Sparks, All To Myself and current single Never Hold You Down. As well as going No. 1 on the ARIA Singles Chart, Like It Like That, also reached No. 1 on the Airplay charts and spent 11 weeks in the Top 10. Guy is currently dividing time between Australia and the US where he is promoting the release of the album.

On receiving his fourth ARIA #1 Chart Award and his End of Decade Chart Award today, Guy said “I’m so honoured to be receiving these ARIA #1 Chart Awards. Writing and performing music is my passion and I’m so grateful to all my fans out there, who have supported me on my journey”

Delta Goodrem: Believe Again Australian Tour 2009 - DVD (SME)
Released: 18 September, 2009 | No. 1: 28 September, 2009 – 1 week

Delta Goodrem’s sell-out Australian Believe Again tour was recorded from the majestic State Theatre in Sydney and packaged into a special DVD/CD release. All three of Delta’s studio albums have debuted at No. 1 on the ARIA Charts and achieved multi-platinum status. Delta is currently spending time in the US song writing for her upcoming new studio album.

On receiving her third ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Delta said “I am so honoured to have my BELIEVE AGAIN tour DVD awarded an ARIA #1 Chart Award. Thanks to ARIA and all my fans that came to my shows and made the tour and DVD so special. Performing live is my greatest passion and I loved being able to capture all the music & fun we shared on the Believe Again Tour journey.”

Vanessa Amorosi: This Is Who I Am - Single (UMA)
Released: 9 October, 2009 | No. 1: 19 and 26 October, 2009 – 2 weeks

Vanessa is currently in the UK preparing for her European release of the single and Hazardous album and unfortunately couldn’t be with us today. Despite huge success in the past with hits like Shine and Absolutely Everybody, This Is Who I Am is Vanessa’s first No. 1 single. Vanessa’s No. 1 debut was also the first Australian female artist to debut at No. 1 since Kylie Minogue in 2007 and This is Who I Am went on to achieve Platinum sales status.

On receiving her first ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Vanessa said “It is an amazing feeling finding out you have a No. 1 single. I was so thrilled when I found out 'This Is Who I Am' debuted at No. 1. This was my first No. 1 single and I am certainly going to treasure it. My team at Universal Music and I worked so hard on this album and I was completely floored that my old fans and new fans had really made a connection to this song, this really meant a lot to me and I owe it to my fans for their continued support. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there today as I am in London working on my European releases, but looking forward to getting back to Australia later in the year.”

Powderfinger: Golden Rule - Album (UMA)
Released: 13 November, 2009 | No. 1: 23 November, 2009 – 1 week

Powderfinger’s extensive career spans nearly two decades with sales in excess of 2.5 million albums in Australia alone. Winner of 16 ARIA Awards, the band holds an unprecedented three successive ARIA Awards for Album of the Year. Powderfinger has achieved five No. 1 ARIA Album Chart debuts and their 7th studio album, Golden Rule, was released to critical acclaim in November, 2009, debuting at No. 1 and spawning the radio and chart hits, All of the Dreamers and Burn Your Name. Powderfinger will embark on their Sunsets Farewell tour in September, performing to over 250,000 people.

On receiving their fifth ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Powderfinger said “What better send off could a band want than to be top of the charts in their final year, on their final album ... hang on, what are we doing, calling it a day? Are we crazy?”

Angus & Julia Stone: Down The Way - Album (EMI)
Released: 12 March, 2010 | No. 1: 22 and 29 March, 2010 – 2 weeks

Angus & Julia Stone's self-produced, 2nd album, Down the Way, was a 'welcome back to their seductive world' according to The Daily Telegraph. The album debuted at No. 1 in March and after 2 months reached platinum sales and is so far the highest selling Australian Artist Album for 2010. Travelling has been an integral part of the Stone's musical story and the first part of the year saw the two selling out shows all around the world. They will head out for another tour around the world starting with their biggest Australian tour to date in August/September.

On receiving their first ARIA #1 Chart Award today, the siblings shouted out “big love to all the people who have been with us along the way”.

John Butler Trio: April Uprising - Album (MGM)
Released: 19 March, 2010 | No. 1: 5 April, 2010 – 1 week

April Uprising is the third consecutive No. 1 album debut for the John Butler Trio. With the album distributed by MGM and released on Jarrah Records, the independent label owned and operated by John, he continues to pave the way for independent artists in Australia and this achievement reinforces John Butler as Australia’s leading independent artist.

On receiving their third ARIA #1 Chart Award today, John Butler said “I’m truly wrapped about the number 1 debut for April Uprising!!! It’s VERY bloody cool to say the least and is something I never take for granted. It gives me a lot of faith in what good songs and great fans can do and I’m really humbled that I can continue to have such a fruitful career. I have a lot to thank my amazing fans for and a big thank you goes out to all my team who were also a huge part in making this dream a reality.”

Brian McFadden: Just Say So - Single (UMA)
Released: 9 April, 2010 | No. 1: 19, 26 April and 3 May, 2010 – 3 weeks

It’s certainly been a big year for Brian McFadden! His single, Just Say So, went to No. 1, he was a judge on Australia’s Got Talent, and he turned 30. In between his other gig as part time Austereo announcer, frequent trips to Europe and the US, Brian also found time to step up and make the Wall Of Soundz album, working with people such as Kevin Rudolf, Christian Lo Russo and, of course, Delta Goodrem.

On receiving his first ARIA #1 Chart Award today, Brian McFadden said “I’m very honoured to accept my first ARIA No. 1 for Just Say So. I’m thankful to everyone in Australia who has embraced me and my music.”

Cog: The Sound Of Three / Twelve Years With You - DVD (UMA)
Released: 21 May, 2010 | No. 1: 31 May, 2010 – 1 week

COG are a truly progressive band, one driven by sheer will, a tenacious belief in themselves, and an uncompromising musicality. From their beginnings in Bondi over 12 years ago, Flynn, Luke & Lucius have taken their music around the country playing to thousands of satisfied fans. There is no other band in Australia that can deliver a performance like COG.

On receiving their first ARIA #1 Chart Award, Cog said “To be recognised with our first No. 1 is a huge honour and extremely satisfying after nearly 12 years of great times on the road and in the studio”.

Crowded House: Intriguer – Album (UMA)
Released: 11 June, 2010 | No. 1: 21 June, 2010 – 1 week

The highly anticipated and critically acclaimed 6th studio album from Crowded House, Intriguer, is the 5th time the band has topped the ARIA Albums Chart, giving them a cumulative total of 14 weeks on top of the Australian chart. Intriguer follows 2007’s Time On Earth, which hit No. 1 in Australia and New Zealand, and No. 3 in the UK. It was a continuation of the legacy created by such music milestones as Crowded House, Woodface, Together Alone and Recurring Dream. These albums have together accounted for career sales of more than 10 million, produced such global hits as Don’t Dream It’s Over, Something So Strong and Weather With You, and created Crowded House’s reputation as one of the
most compelling bands in the world.

On receiving their ARIA #1 Chart Award for Intriguer, Neil Finn said “It’s a thrill and an honour to be receiving an Award from ARIA for a number one record in Australia. We could never take for granted or fail to appreciate our special relationship with the Australian audience, the good people who continue to support us and keep our songs alive ... thank you one and all.”

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