Review: An Evening With RONN MOSS featuring his band PLAYER and PETER BECKETT - 22 November 2014

As we walked into The Cube at Campbelltown to see 'An Evening With Ronn Moss', I must admit I didn't know what to expect.

Whilst I was aware that Moss has had a long and successful acting career, best known as Ridge Forrester in the long running The Bold and the Beautiful, I didn't know much about his musical endeavours.  How were the two careers going to be combined in one evening?  As a bona-fide television star, who is also a musician, you wonder what sort of performance you are going to get.  Can he actually sing, play an instrument and put on a good show or does he just stand there and make noise?  I was looking forward to finding out.

The format of the show was unique.  The evening commenced with Moss walking onto the stage, dressed casually in a white t-shirt and jeans.  His dark hair was quite long with a patch of blonde on one side.  He announced the first part of the show was going to be a 'Question and Answer' session and an insight into his illustrious acting career.

The predominantly female audience were quick to raise their hands to be the first to question their idol.  The lucky lady who was picked first was so enamoured of the star that she wouldn't let go of his leg!

Naturally, most of the questions centred around Ronn's time with The Bold and The Beautiful and why he had left the show after 25 years.  He happily answered as many questions as he could, injecting some humour along the way.  One lady presented Moss with a set of boxer shorts printed with the Australian flag.  Graciously accepting his gift, a bemused Moss pulled the item on over his jeans.  As the audience laughed and applauded, he proceeded to wear them for the rest of the session whilst answering many more questions.  He also spoke about his future projects and the reason why he currently has long hair.

The session concluded with Moss grabbing an acoustic guitar and playing an instrumental number that was written for a friend's wedding.  He then played 'Butterfly' and explains it is about children being themselves, making mistakes and finding their own way in life.  It was dedicated to his daughter.

He then gave us a 'behind the scenes' insight into his years on The Bold and the Beautiful by playing a slideshow of images and narrating the story behind them, as well as showing some home vidoes.  There were some very funny stories about his co-stars and the things they do to get a laugh.

He then played 'Just Once More' acoustically before introducing two of his Player bandmates who performed a couple of numbers.  First up was keyboardist Jawn Star who performed his own song 'Everything Will Be Ok' and concluded with drummer Jimmy Carnelli singing 'In Other Words'.

As the first half of the show ended, I was curious to see if anyone, who was only there because of Ridge Forrester, would leave during the interval but they all remained seated and eager to see what was next.

After the break, Moss returned to showcase his other career - performing with his band 'Player', featuring Peter Beckett.  Beckett is a prolific songwriter who has written many songs for others, as well as movie soundtracks including 'Twist of Fate' which was written for Olivia Newton John's movie Two of a Kind.

The set opened with 'Man on Fire' and was followed by 'This time I’m in it for Love’ which was their second single back in 1977.   This was followed by ‘One Kind’ and ‘You are my religion’.  By this time, the band were really enjoying themselves and encouraging the crowd to do the same.

They chatted between songs and explained how they had trouble securing a record deal until Robert Stigwood (RSO) took them on, which resulted in their biggest hit ’Baby Come Back’ being performed, much to the crowd's delight.

The main set ended with ‘Wild Side’ which featured an outstanding guitar solo from lead guitarist Rob Math; the band and audience just stood back and watched in awe.

The encore was one of the most remarkable finishes I have ever witnessed at a gig.  It started with ‘Lets get Started’, written by Peter Beckett for the Terminator movie.  They then finished with ‘How long has this been going on?’  inviting everyone up on stage to join them, and many took advantage of the opportunity!

The stage was packed and the sight of people taking 'selfies' with the band members, whilst they were performing, was quite entertaining and not something I have seen before and doubt I will see again!

So, did Ronn and the band just stand there and make noise? Absolutely not, but the crowd sure did, in appreciation!

With the show over, people raced to the merchandise stand where the band signed t-shirts and CD's and posed for photos until each and everyone had received what they had been patiently waiting for.

Despite the different format to a normal gig, it was a great night of music and entertainment and I'm sure many are already looking forward to Ronn Moss and Player's next visit!

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by Paul Bartle

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